The Checklist

  1. Your landing pages must be functional. No pages that:

    1. Interferes with a person's ability to navigate away from the page.

    2. Produces an error page or is under construction.

    3. Are PDF or JPEG files only.

    4. Don't match the product or service promoted in the ad.

    5. Automatically download files to a person's computer.

    6. Require you to download additional programs or software to access the content on the page.

  2. Your domain’s primary purpose MUST NOT be to capture personal information.

  3. You MUST have a page present at the root of your domain/subdomain, not just in subfolders i.e. a homepage.

  4. Logo in header.

  5. Logo is clickable.

  6. Footer navigation: include links to About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Contact Us.

  7. No unsubstantiated claims (eg: lose 10 pounds in 10 days). Instead, you can try to turn your claim into a story (eg: how a busy Mom lost 10 pounds in 10 days). Or turn it into a tactic (eg: one weight loss hack a busy Mom is using to lose weight).

  8. Avoid clickbait language (eg: health warning, make money fast, shocking)

  9. No unsubstantiated claims on ALL pages of your site (Google will check).

  10. No body shaming, fearmongering, luring, baiting, hyperbole, ideal body pics, outrageous promises or images.

  11. No redirects. The URL you use in your ad MUST go to the same URL.

  12. Your robots.txt file must be installed on your website.

  13. If you use a video or VSL on your landing page, it is allowed to autoplay but there must be basic play/pause controls and the length of the video must be visible.

  14. Your landing page cannot only have a video on it. It must contain information about your product/service/offer.

  15. You need a custom privacy policy that mentions all the ad networks you advertise on and all the retargeting cookies you use (no boiler-plate templates that don’t cover specific issues to your business).

  16. If your domain has a bad rating on Web Of Trust ( it's recommended to get a new domain.

  17. No bad popups that change browser behavior (eg: don’t let you click the Back button, open multiple windows/tabs, exit popups that force you to take an action, etc). Good popups that don’t stop the users normal browsing experience are ok (eg: welcome mats, scroll boxes, time delay popups, exit intent popups, etc).

  18. Display visual image of what they are getting if possible.

  19. Detailed explanation of what they’ll get when they opt-in (for lead generation).

  20. Privacy policy link near all opt-in form buttons.

  21. Add testimonials for social proof.

  22. Make sure your Page Load Speed is fast.

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